The Importance of Phishing Email Training for Employees, a Globals

Phishing remains one of the most common and effective ways for cybercriminals to gain unauthorized access to an organization’s systems and data. In fact, Verizon’s 2023 Data Breach Investigations Report found that 36% of all data breaches involved phishing. As phishing attacks become more sophisticated and difficult to spot, it’s critical that organizations proactively train their employees to identify and report suspicious emails.

The good news is that phishing email training has proven to be highly effective in reducing an organization’s risk. A recent analysis by KnowBe4 of over 60,000 organizations found that groups who did frequent phishing security tests (PSTs) performed much better at detecting simulated phishing emails compared to groups that did infrequent testing. Specifically:

  • Groups that did weekly PSTs were 2.74 times more effective at reducing risk than groups that only did quarterly or less frequent PSTs.
  • The more frequently groups did PSTs, the better users performed on the simulated tests.
  • Groups that did both security awareness training and simulated phishing tests had the best results overall.

Other research has shown similarly impressive results from phishing training:

  • In one study, after completing one year of phishing awareness training, the average phish-prone percentage dropped from 37.9% to just 4.7% – an 87% improvement.
  • Microsoft’s Digital Defense Report 2022 found that employees who receive simulated phishing training are 50% less likely to fall for real phishing attacks.
  • After deploying phishing simulations 5 times, the percentage of users susceptible to phishing dropped from 70% to single digits.

Clearly, a combination of security awareness training and regular phishing simulation tests can dramatically reduce an organization’s phishing risk over time. But what are some best practices to follow to optimize the effectiveness of phishing training? Here are a few key tips:

  1. Establish a baseline phishing test first to understand your organization’s initial phish-prone percentage before training.
  2. Use relevant, realistic phishing emails in your simulations that mimic real-world attacks.
  3. Personalize phishing simulation emails with employee information to make them more convincing.
  4. Provide immediate feedback and education to employees who fall for a simulated phish.
  5. Monitor metrics like phish-prone percentage and reporting rates to track progress over time.
  6. Run phishing tests on a regular, ongoing basis – at least monthly or quarterly.
  7. Integrate phishing training into a broader security awareness program covering other key threats.

By following these phishing training best practices, organizations can transform their employees from a major vulnerability into a strong last line of defense against phishing attacks. The data confirms that a consistent program of phishing simulations and education empowers users to spot and report phishing attempts before they lead to a damaging breach.

While technical email security controls remain essential, phishing training addresses the human element and creates a culture of security awareness. In today’s threat landscape, that’s one of the most effective ways to reduce cyber risk.

Where Globals can help your organisation

At Globals Inc., we understand the critical importance of phishing email training in protecting our clients’ systems and data. As a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions, we have seen firsthand the devastating impact that successful phishing attacks can have on organizations of all sizes and industries. That’s why we have made phishing awareness training a core component of our comprehensive security offerings.

Our team of experienced security professionals leverages the latest tools and techniques to deliver highly effective phishing simulations and training programs. We work closely with each client to understand their unique risks and tailor our approach accordingly. From crafting realistic phishing emails that mimic the latest real-world threats, to providing engaging and interactive training content, we leave no stone unturned in our mission to transform employees into a formidable line of defense.

But we don’t stop there. We believe that truly effective phishing training requires an ongoing commitment, not just a one-time effort. That’s why we partner with our clients to establish regular phishing simulation and training cadences that keep skills sharp and awareness high. Our robust reporting and analytics provide clear visibility into program performance, allowing us to continually fine-tune and optimize our approach for maximum impact.

At Globals Inc., we are passionate about empowering organizations to defend against the ever-evolving phishing threat. Our unwavering focus on this critical aspect of cybersecurity, combined with our deep expertise and cutting-edge solutions, makes us the ideal partner for any organization looking to strengthen their phishing defenses. Together, we can build a culture of security awareness that protects your most valuable assets – your people and your data.