Globals Inc Joins The Bandwagon To Becoming A Member Of “Paris Call” For Trust And Security In Cyberspace


As The Economist quoted, ’Globals is one of those fast growing Indian IT companies that the Westerners simultaneously admire and fear’, today sure is a moment of pride as we become a part of the “Paris Call” for Trust and Security in Cyberspace during the Paris Peace Forum held from 11th-13th November, 2019 in Paris, France, where they covered topics related to global governance and multinational issues.
“Paris Call” was a global initiative launched in 2018 by French President Emmanuel Macron with the baseline principle to ensure cybersecurity. This initiative was a significant step to recognize, gather, and collaborate with organizations from various entities and governments around the world that would pledge to work in unison to protect and strengthen the world of Cyberspace and Cybersecurity from malicious activities online.
This year 2019, being the second anniversary of the “Paris Call” initiative, our organization becomes a member along with 564 other organizations, joining the bandwagon in committing to reduce cyberattacks and prevent cybercrime, given that our day-to-days lives majorly depend on digital platforms and gadgets. The Paris Call group comprises of 67 states under which there are 300 plus private-sectors entities and 135 plus International and Civil Societies.

Security and credibility are two important roots to a successful business. Although we strongly believe and have worked towards impeccable digital transformation, we have always strived towards making our digital products, services and systems secure. Mr.Suhas Gopinath, CEO & Founder of the multi-national company, Globals Inc, announced his affirmations stating,
“In these times where we have transformed towards digital economy and digital infrastructure is the backbone for any growing economy, trust and cooperation is critical to protect ourselves from cyberwar and secure our cyberspace through collaboration. Hence Paris Call is definitely relevant and apt.” Cybersecurity is a top concern that almost everyone in every corner of the world faces and India has been ranked at the top of the list for the highest number of cyberattacks and cybercrime this year. A huge majority of this being high-grade attacks which cover crimes and malicious practices online. Business’ affiliated to various sectors are at risk most of the time tackling issues such as unprecedented attacks, cyber espionage or data theft, website defacing, to name a few, based on the vulnerabilities the hackers discover of the respective organizations.
Our company is fortunate to be part of crucial subject amongst other big players from all sectors around the world and we pledge to work in harmony to eradicate cyber-crime and provide niche solutions towards upholding the International Standards of Cyber security.