Analytics & Business Intelligence Solutions

At Globals, we enable enterprises to effectively harness their existing data, and draw meaningful conclusions out of them through our Business Analytics and Business Intelligence solutions. Big Data is what drives our strategy and to tap into the same, we use our analytics.

Our Business Intelligence solutions collect and analyze current, relevant, and actionable data with the intention of providing insights into them and thereby, improving business operations. Our Business Analytics solutions are primarily used to analyze historical data with the intention of predicting business trends and improving future outcomes.

Key Features:

With our predictive models, our purpose is to ensure a better future for your organisation. In most cases, companies do not leverage the available data and this curbs their opportunity to improve their operational strategies. To avoid this, we help you to discover new patterns and therefore, understand your customers better. This further helps in opening up new markets and opportunities to explore and prepare well in advance with business forecasts. Using big data as a tool, gives companies an added advantage over their contemporaries by doing the following:

  • Discover new patterns and data relationships
  • Understand your customers and their needs better to offer solutions which benefit them.
  • Enhance operational and strategic decision-making.
  • Precisely predict business outcomes and trends beforehand.
  • Adopt proactive and not reactive methods.

In order to transform data into deliverables, we follow a four point process:

  • Predict customer turnout through relationships between business drivers and outcomes.
  • Segment customers by pinpointing similarities and differences between groups of data.
  • Predict sales by identifying consistent patterns in your data.
  • Detect fraud by analysing patterns that do not conform to expected behavior.

To facilitate this, we use dashboards, which help in deriving actionable insights. This is teamed with an integrated business platform, which stands out for its collaborative features. Further, we build BI solutions alongside your existing ERP System, HRMS, Sales & Marketing Systems, CRM, PMS and help you to tackle your business problems.