AI Solution

At Globals, we provide AI Solutions to help our clients benefit from automation and leverage the potential of machine learning.

Our Artificially Intelligent systems can recognize patterns and bring efficiency to tasks through automation of tedious or mechanical jobs. We identify problem areas instantly, giving businesses better insights into their data, smoother functionality and well-planned operations. As a result, the business can unlock their potential through highly personalized and data-driven processes.

We offer the following services:

Deep Learning & Neural Networks

Neural networks and deep learning provide insightful solutions in image recognition, speech recognition, and natural language processing.

Natural language processing

Natural language processing is concerned with programming computers to process and analyze large amounts of natural (human) language data.

Chat Bots

AI enabled chatbots have the power to connect to your database, automate workflows seamlessly and integrate with your sales team.

Face Detection

Face detection is a technology being leveraged in a variety of applications that identify human faces in digital images.