Executive / Senior Executive Talent Acquisition

About Globals:

Globals has drastically grown from a small home office to a globally recognized enterprise offering world-class quality solutions on Cloud, ERP Systems, Predictive Analytics and Enterprise Application Development for various industries including Education, Government, Media & Online Services, Financial Services and to Independent Software Vendors. Globals has enabled its customers to be game changers in their industry through its disruptive and innovative solutions.

Globals is certified as a "Great Place to Work" organization for its great work culture that helps its team members manage work-life, have dedicated hours to upskill and reskill themselves, and most important to ensure that the projects that they are working on are always unique, challenging their status quo every time. Our unique work culture has made us one of the world’s fastest-growing technology companies as recognized and featured by The Economist.

Our excellence in technical stewardship and service-offering expertise has facilitated our clients ranging from individual entrepreneurs to Fortune Global 500 – to explore new business opportunities, reduce their operational costs significantly and boost their revenues. Today, Globals enjoys a strong position in the industry as a high-performing leader through its technology innovation and remarkable domain expertise.

About the Job Role:

Talent Acquisition is a part of Globals core People Management function. In this role, the candidate sources, screens and provides shortlists of qualified applicants for various IT-related roles. In addition to that, a Technical Recruiter / Talent Acquisition personnel promotes Globals brand by networking with potential candidates using online/offline channels, ensures that it attracts talented professionals and reduces its time-to-hire. The ultimate goal is helping a company build strong talent pipeline satisfying current as well as future hiring needs of IT professionals. So, if you like to work in a fast-paced environment and qualify our requirements, we would like to hear from you.


  • Writing and posting technical job advertisements and descriptions.
  • Parsing specialized qualifications and skills for screening IT resumes.
  • Sourcing potential candidates via professional platforms, (e.g. Github, Stack Overflow).
  • Conducting task and job analyses for documenting job duties as well as requirements.
  • Should have sourced candidates in technologies such as Java, Python, MySQL, Mongo DB, Android, iOS, React Native, Node.js, etc.
  • Staying aware of new technological products as well as the latest trends.
  • Onboarding new hires.
  • Promoting the reputation of our company as a nice workplace.
  • Participating in tech meetups and conferences for networking with talented IT professionals.
  • Composing job offer and recruitment letters.
  • Coordinating with team leaders for forecasting the hiring needs and setting the department goals.
  • Crafting and sending recruiting emails to passive candidates with current open jobs.
  • Performing pre-screening interviews for analysing the abilities of candidates.
  • Interviewing candidates using various techniques (e.g. technical assessments, behavioural and structured questions).


  • Bachelor’s degree in IT and MBA in HR or a relevant field Master’s degree.
  • Prior experience as a Technical Recruiter / IT Recruiter for at least 3 years.
  • Solid technical background needed to understand as well as explain requirements for IT-related jobs.
  • Prior experience with conducting various types of interviews (e.g. structured, phone, Zoom Calls).
  • Experience with resume databases and Applicant Tracking Systems.
  • Experience with various sourcing methods (e.g. Boolean search, social media recruiting using LinkedIn and other platforms etc.).
  • Experience in Head Hunting and sound knowledge of full cycle recruiting.
  • Sound knowledge of all labour regulations and HR practices.
  • Strong verbal as well as non-verbal communication skills.
  • Exceptional time-management and organizational skills.