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Many companies struggle with software and application development, as they are unable to focus on their core business aspects due to the daunting product development procedures. We at Globals offer an Offershore Product Development Services, on which companies across the globe rely on, in terms of IT product development requirements.

Our customers do not outsource to us because of low production cost only, rather the process and focus has changed over the last decade as Globals’ Team consists of highly experienced and educated programmers and solution consultants who are able to handle complex processes in world class quality and deliver on time.

Globals’ team of developers and programmers are proficient in Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, .Net, C++, MSSQL, Oracle, IIS, Tomcat, AS3, Flex, XML, Web Services, API, Ruby and Java. These professionals have years of domain experience in conceptualization, development and deployment. Understanding the dynamic nature of IT industry, our professionals are frequently trained on the upcoming technologies and advancements.

Globals’ Offshore Development Process

Analysis: Detail discussion with client about their product requirement.

Engineering Plan: Software Team creates a timeframe and R & D needed in accomplishing the target.

Prototyping: Critical phases of the product development are addressed separately that no time is elapsed and hamper on the development stage.

Specification Design: Application Development Team is divided into fragments and work on designing of the various components of the product.

Product Software Development: Each component is tested and assembled together to a final product.

Quality Assurance and Testing: The product finally is tested on the client’s business environment to check its proper functioning. This includes scalability and capacity testing, load testing under required conditions. Products are also tested for responsiveness, user interface and work flow.

Error Fixing: Any fault found at the testing stage is quickly fixed and program is re-run.

Porting and Migration: After 0% error assurance, the product is send to the client with a promise of complete post-production assistance.

Globals’ distinct product development support

Globals’ offshore product development service doesn’t end at the development and deployment stage. We here at Globals understand the complexities incur after the deployment stage and hence provide product support and enhancement service as well. Globals’ team will provide technical support in increasing the product’s lifecycle and upgrading it as per the market demand.

Maintenance by Offshore Team

For existing customers we offer an Offshore Staffing Model, which allows you to coordinate dedicated and expertise developers, analysts, researchers and managers on fulltime basis based at Globals’ office. Once the team is formed, both parties will agree on a mutually beneficial contract. Afterwards, your company will select a Project Manager internally or appoint one from Globals who will be in charge of the project and lead the team. In order to make sure that the Business Partner remains in control of all the operations and is always informed about the current status of the project, Globals adopted an extensive Project Management System. This includes high-quality daily and weekly work reports, such as screen shots of the work done to date, and a system through which our customers will always be able to track the degree of completion of the project. Additionally, Globals appoints a Key Account Manager who will be responsible for the supervision and administrative issues of the virtual team, and be able to report to the Business Partner at any time. Once the administrative issues are settled, the Offshore-Staffing Project starts.