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What is Cloud Telephony?

Globals Cloud Telephony is a cloud based PBX Application that can dial out automated phone calls to the list of callers uploaded by our clients on our cloud application, by which the receivers will receive automated IVRS calls and they can respond to a set preloaded questions uploaded by our clients on the console, and the responses can be via voice or number pad. The collected data will be stored in the Cloud and can be analyzed and exported for other usage.

Illustration on the Working of Globals Cloud Telephony System

Globals Cloud Telephony presents programmable telephony resources in a cloud-based platform for flexible, customizable and scalable Outbound IVRS large applications like Social Workers, Schools, Public Health Centers, etc. Through the use of simple high-level APIs, our application can be integrated with any existing legacy applications, Reporting Tools, MIS Systems, etc, making the system highly secular and integrable.

Our User Interface enables the Admin of the application with no technical knowledge to customize the flow to make, receive and interact with calls with no specialist telephony equipment needed. Globals leverages on open source telephony servers that are optimized and customized for cloud deployment with its core expertise by combining complex technologies into a powerful, flexible and easy to use platform that offers a cost effective way to build telephony applications or add telephony features to various solutions.

Globals Cloud Telephony solution is extremely cost-effective compare to the other telephony services in the market, as Globals Cloud Telephony is built on the Open Source Telephony Framework called Asterisk, cutting down any licensing costs for the underlying telephony application, and Globals’ telephony management and configuration applications are deployed on a cloud platform, which enables the clients to manage the service anywhere, anytime and on any device. Cloud platform gives the client the option to scale the services as when required than conventional telephony services where upfront capex are very high in terms of IT infrastructure required to operate the solution.